Plastic Recycling

Manufacturers Waste, Redundant Stock, End of Life Products, Packaging Waste.

Plastic recycling in the UK
Using our extensive network of plastic recyclers across the UK, we are able to offer a range of plastic recycling processes (including baling, shredding and granulation) with UK wide collections.

Buyers of Plastics for Recycling
Manchester Plastic Recycling buy a wide range of plastics for recycling (plastics we buy). If you want to sell your plastics to us call us now on 07793975948 or fill in our material enquiry form.

Collecting UK Plastic Waste
Manchester Plastic Recycling buy and collect plastic production waste, packaging waste, plastic from waste electrical equipment and other raw materials in the form of scrap, shred, regrind (granulate) We offer a UK wide collection service (subject to certain terms and conditions) and are helping the country meet its plastic recycling targets.

Manchester Plastic Recycling is perfectly placed to deliver an effective plastic recycling solution to your business as we have built a logistics network and infrastructure that means we can handle most grades of soft and hard plastic, contaminated and uncontaminated and can arrange convenient collection for you.
Our vast experience means that we can guarantee you an excellent collection service and cost effective rates. We are proud to be the plastic recycler of choice for many local authorities helping to organise collection and processing of a wide range of plastics.
Whatever your plastic waste we can handle it, our expertise ranges from small scale mixed plastics to fully baled industrial plastic recycling. We handle everything for you, from collection and sorting to completion, and work with you to ensure that the process is a smooth one.
Whilst all plastics can be recycled, plastics recycling has traditionally been difficult due to the wide variety of different types of plastics in use - with approximately 50 different classes of plastic each containing a wide variety of types, sorting and processing for recycling is a complex task. Consequently, not all areas have the required facilities to offer recycling of all plastics, over our many years of trading we have made significant investments in state of the art plant, machinery and process.
There are seven main classes of plastics which have been coded on packaging to give guidance to consumers on the different types of recyclable plastics. We are able to separate recyclable plastics from waste packaging and other materials at our Materials Recycling Centre and produce quality regrind plastic. However, if you are able to segregate your plastics from your other waste prior to us receiving it, there are further cost savings.
Please email or call us anytime, we are happy to help.